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SUPPRESSION OF TEE MOTST.                                            &$
bastions had to be blown up before an entry could be effected: at the same" time
'the town was set on fire and partially destroyed, and twenty-two of the lead-
ing men were shot. A few days previously^ Mil Imdad All with Natlra Lai,
tahsildar of Sahar3 had .gone up into the Kosi pargana and restored order among
the Giijars there, who alone of all the natiYes of ihe district had been active
promoters of disaffection. While engaged in their suppression ImdM All
received a gun-shot wound in the chest, but fortunately it had no fatal result,
He is now Deputy Collector of Muradabad, with a special additional allowance
of Rs* 150 per mensem, and has been made a C.S.L By the end of November
genera! tranquillity was restored; but it was not tall July, 1858? that the
treasury was transferred from the Seta's house in the city to the Police: lines in
the civil station.* In Christmas week of the following year, 1859, the Viceroy
held a Barbajj in which many honours were conferred upon different indiYidnalSj
and in particular the ten villages, which the Giijars had forfeited by their open
rebellion, were bestowed upon Raja Gobind Sina of Hathras, in acknowledg-
ment of Ms distinguished loyalty and good services. The value of this grant
has been largely diminished by the persistent lawlessness of the ejected Gujars,
who have always sullenly resented the loss of their estates.
* Here it remained til! after the completion, in 1861, of the new Court-house aact district
office, which, with importat results to axchoologieal research, as will hereafter be shown, wm
rebuilt on a new site.